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Profile Anyone with the Power of Numbers

Everything about You is all in your Numbers
In life, there are always "UPs and DOWNs", but the important point is how would you manage them?

Have you ever made wrong decisons in Life or felt frustrated, lost or even failed as regards to your Career, Business or even Relationships? If these are what you are facing rght now, its time to take control and get back on track!

What if there is a way you are able to analyze your strengths and shortcomings, and also help you to make better decisions, foster amiable relationship with people around you, or perhaps finding out what's your wealth code or special untold stories about yourself even if you are not aware of?

This technique is simply derived from your numbers - Date of Birth.

Key Takeaways in this 2 Day Online Masterclass
Understand your Numbers and capacity in Life
4 important Life Endeavors
Wealth - where to look for and how to acquire it
Health - possible health issues that could affect you
Relationship - interaction with people you love and care
Career - suitable careers that favour you
Annual Forecast for many years ahead, and your most challenging years in life
Special Personal Traits
The Power 123, Peach Blossom, High Sexual Desire, Orderly Organizer
and many more

Why Learn?
Know your strength and shortcomings and avoid if necessary.
Learn to profile new hires or the staffs in your company.
Analyse what lies ahead for you every year
 What business or career is best for your child and loved ones.
Learn where your marriage is heading.
Learn compatibility and interaction between two people
Find out who is in control and has the final say.
Discover who give their love more to the other party.
Know who has the 'love at first sight’ endeavour.
Discover many more special stories, untold secrets of a person.

Who Can Benefit?
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, HR admin, or
people who are interested to profile anyone, and
most importantly know more about your personal capability and potentials in life.

Reaching Me
Register your interest and be the first to be notified of the next upcoming course available.
You can can reach me for more information with the following contacting details:

+65-9823 1354

Consultation Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturaday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday & PH Closed

*Note: I do not pick up calls that are displayed as "Private Numbers" or "No Caller ID" owing to spam calls concern.
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