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About Your Life Story Analyzer+

Your Life ANalyzer+ mobile web analyzer
Your Life Story+ analyzer is a Web Application that provides a fast and easy way to access your Personality and Traits, and also your Love and Relationship Endeavours with Numbers. This analyzer has integrated both the Your Life Story Analyzer and the Love at Hand Analyzer as one Web Application.
Using your Date of Birth, the analyzer reveals the following:
* General Character - A Snapshot of your Main Personality in Life.
* Hidden Character - You know having this traits but others are not able to see it in you..
* Business and Career - Brief details of your most favorable Business and Career endeavour.
* Year Forecast - General View of what you might probably encounter for the Year.
* Life Chart derived from an individual Date of Birth.
* The Interaction and Compatibility index of 2 individuals.
* Who is in control and have the final say for decision-making.
* Uncover whose loves the other party more.
* Find out if both individuals are "Falling Love at First Sight"
* Life Chart of both individuals, and their Combined Chart.

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