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Your Life Story with Numbers allows you to read your own life destiny,
and better manage your life ambitions.

About Your Life Story with Numbers
Your Life Story with Numbers is about Personality Profiling that reveals who you really are, discover your hidden talents and special traits. The analysis reveals your personality, what's ahead of you and and some really important events of your lives relating to wealth, career, health, annual luck and fortune, marriage, interpersonal relationship and their compatibility, and many others. Using the Date of Birth and the Pythagorean method of calculation to reveal a person's life and personality in almost totality.

I must emphasize that the Power of Number is neither about Astrology nor related to any existing Numerology Science whatsoever. The discovery is based on statistics and analysis of more than 1 million Dates of Birth, and derive many different number patterns and combinations that reveal different meanings and outcome on a person's personality and endeavors in life, hence the name Life Story.

The most significant purpose of Your Life Story with Numbers aims to help you to know who you are and raise your awareness towards what lies ahead of you. And by knowing, it would lead you to understand the would-be obstacles ahead and how it can be better managed, resolving life's challenges and problems that could arise, leading you to the path of least resistance to your success in life.

I always believe that the best investment is to invest in yourself. And by knowing what to measure, you will know how to better manage your endeavors in life. Your Life Story with Numbers is that measurement tool. Everything about a person is all in the numbers. Unlock your destiny and take charge of your life.

Your Life Story Analyzer
The Analyzer provides a fast and easy way to access a snapshot of your Personal Self with Numbers right in your own hands.

Using your Date of Birth, it reveals a brief analysis of your General Personality and Traits, as well as your Hidden Character. It also reveals information about what you might be encountering in the year.

A new indictator revealing your most favorable Business and Career endeavour is also introduced in this analyzer

This application is now updated with 2021 Annual Forecast! Check this out here.

Getting to Know Yourself Better
Your Life Story with Numbers 3 life analysis report is about Personality Profiling that helps you to know more about yourself.

This is a more detailed report personalized for an individual with an objective to allow you to know who really are in a different perspective, discovering your hidden talent, enabling you to better understand, plan and manage not only your lives, but also your loved ones, with the science of numbers.

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